Our Approach

"Our Philosophy"

Saugatuck Home Watch is here to provide you peace of mind, ensuring that your most valuable asset, your home, is well maintained while you’re away.

Our Story

Our Story

Owning a bed and breakfast in Douglas for over 22 years. It gave us the opportunity to meet and greet a lot of folks who owned family homes, second homes and vacation homes. During that time we befriended an entire community. Occasionally we helped friends and neighbors by checking on their homes during power outages, wind and snow storms, the opening the doors for a contractor or two. Sometimes it was helping them with an airport pick up, grocery shopping or storing an extra key to their home. We decided to continue it forward with the creation of Saugatuck Home Watch.

About Me.

It's a human thing.


Keith Charak


Hiker, amateur birder, old schwinn restorer. Instead of a boring photo, we decided to put this one up of a 2000 year old Sequoia.

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